Here we will share some of the words, history of how the ministry came to pass


Francois saw the danger of false prophets , what makes them false and the abuse and then  false accusations that surrounds such ministers .

Interesting that the Bible calls false prophets " Ravening Wolves "


Mat 7:15 -16 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.shall know them by their fruits.


We all just simply need the grace and mercy of Christ to keep us close to Him . Do not be impressed by the  Ministry gift , Prophetic gift etc. The Bible is clear that the lifestyle of a Prophet makes him/her true or false not the gifting. It is totally possible to live in a sinful lifestyle and yet minister .


Most false Prophets will accuse their victims as the cause of their downfall , when the victim exposes them, or tells the truth about them.


They all leave a string of Victims behind them , a history of not just one , but many who they will give the guilt to for their fallen immoral lifestyle and before you know it another Victim emerges who was the "guilty " party.

So the cycle continues , sometimes life long.


Saul remained on the throne for 20 years after Samuel told him that God had removed him...but without anointing . The presence of God was no longer evident in his life or ministry.....yet he was King.....




(More will follow soon)

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