Francois Botes came to faith in Christ Jesus in 1980 during his studies in classical music. At the age of 12 Francois already was appointed as an  organist . God gifted him especially as a composer , composing is his favourite musical subject . Today he writes most used songs himself .  He served in a local church as worship and youth leader until 1988 when he then entered full-time ministry in Scottsdale USA . In 1990 Francois was ordained into the ministry and started his ministry in Europe .Today he ministers in worship and teaching ministry travelling to 10 nations .

Many churches invite him for regular imput into leadership and church structures, some of whom he has relationships with of over 34 years.

He regulary presents seminars on the ministry , worship and church leadership structures. 

He oversees a number of training schools that are always tied to local churches.

Francois is also a member of a local church in  South Africa

Francois believes that the Canon is closed , that God no longer reveals totally new doctrines or new revelations today .Yet we see that God still speaks today but only within the already limitation of the 66 Books of the Bible, lining up to the given revelation of the closed canon of the Bible.




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